Cast2cloud platform provides a complete solution for Cast3M users. Through several well-crafted steps, your FEM problem will be translated into a ready-to-run Cast3M script. Then, run it locally or use our interface to communicate with your server, it's up to you. Last but not least, you can visualize and analyze the results directly from the web browser.
Working with Cast3M has never been that easy.

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Mesh creation

Create, upload or import the mesh of the problem you want to study. You are able to create the simple geometries with our built-in tool, or upload your complex meshes in MED, MSH and UNV format. In all cases, you can interact easily in the graphical window. (find out more)


Problem definition

Set up your simulation through a step-by-step wizard. We currently support more than 15 mechanical and thermal models, ranging from linear elasticity to complex models like visco-plastic damage. With our built-in material library, you can set up your simulation just in some clicks. (find out more)



Problem simulation

After completing the wizard, Cast2cloud will generate the Cast3M script of your problem, and from there, you have two options to exploit it. The classic way, download the script and run it locally with your machines. A more sophisticated way, run it from our demo server or your computing server via Cast2cloud interface. (find out more)



Once your simulation is completed, visualize your results directly from the web browser. Cast2cloud can render the local vtk files or get the solution files from the computing servers. In both cases, you can export the plots for your simulation report. (find out more)


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