What is Cast2cloud ?

Cast2cloud is a web front-end for the finite element solver Cast3M. We provide everything you need to start using Cast3M. With an intuitive design, we will help you to build a Cast3M-readable mesh, translate your complex problem into Cast3M's language and then visualize the computed results. All these awesome features are available directly from your web browser. To discover more about Cast2cloud, please visit our Youtube channel

Why Cast3M ?

Developed by CEA ( French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission ), Cast3M is a open source, powerful, flexible tool that can be used to design, dimension and analyze structures and components for nuclear energy industry as well as for other traditional industrial areas. Cast3M allows modeling numerous mechanical and thermal phenomena of materials. For more information and download, please follow this link


Perfect for Your Need

Cast2cloud is the perfect tool to start learning/ working/ teaching with Cast3M!


No need to install any extra software. All you need is just an internet connection.

Complete package

We offer a platform to create your meshes, define your problems, run your simulations and then visualize your results.

Easy and effective

Simple interface to build complex FEM models without typing any line of code.

Available for everyone

Cast2cloud is available free of charge for all types of activities: studying, teaching researching or commercial activities.


All Cast2cloud features are available for FREE! You just need to create a free account to use the more advanced features


Create your own or import from your favorite platform.


Define your mechanical / thermal problems with a built-in material library and multiple material behavior models.


Demonstrate the problem by computing with Cast2cloud or connect to your computation server.


Visualize simulation results directly from web browser.

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Create mesh with simple geometries
Import MED MSH UNV mesh file
Access to material library
Access to all material behavior models
Edit and download the dgibi script
Download converted mesh
Run generated script with Cast2cloud server
Connect to custom computation server
Visualize local vtu files
Visualize remote results

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